Tuesday, November 10, 2009

La Taqueria in Vancouver

In the morning we checked out of the Marriott, where from our room we could watch the sea planes landing and taking off.  Hopped into the car and headed to Dave's (our friend who brought us the banh mi sandwich).  Dave's building is right next to the rain forest.  I'm not 100% sure it qualifies as a rain forest but it was raining and it was a forest. The air smells so fresh and clean very different from the east coast (maybe it's because of the different weather patterns).  The windows from their apartment look out into a jungle of enormous evergreens and it's magical. We decided to head out for a short hike through the forest to work up an appetite. In the photo above, I'm standing inside the trunk of a burned out tree looking up. Dave has a wonderful sheep dog (a herder of some sort) we took with us. This is a great animal who loves to be out in the woods and made sure we were together at all times.

After the hike we headed out on the last of our Vancouver eating festivities at La Taqueria aka Pinche Taco Shop (as they say on their business card.)  This place is a great find. As you walk in you see the kitchen tucked into the corner by the window.  We sat at the counter and chatted with the staff who helped us choose The food is freshly made to order and comes out fast.  It's clean and has a hipster appeal.

We ordered the arrachera (flank steak), de lengua (tongue), carnitas (braised pork), pollo con mole (chicken with mole sauce), pecsado (fish- in this case fresh tuna), & rajas (cooked peppers).  They were all delicious and at $9.50 for 4 you've got a meal.  Many of the ingredients they use are free range, organic and sustainable.  Just as it should be each taco is actually two small corn tortillas onto which the meat, sauce. vegetables and whatever else is placed. They have 4 salsas (green, very spicy, avocado, & red) on the side so you can add the amount you want.  I liked the green and very spicy the best.  I thought they both complimented the flavor of the meat very well and added the spicy bite of flavor I crave with Mexican food.

They were so tasty I was gobbling the tacos down so fast I completely forgot to photograph the food.  You would never have known I'd already shared two hot dogs; you would think I was starving (that's how much I love good tacos).  Luckily I remembered when we stepped outside to at least get the entrance and a shot into the kitchen from the window on the street.  So now you will recognize the place as you're driving, biking or walking by.

Our time to head back to Seattle was coming up fast. We thought we might have just enough time to go have some dumplings. But after ordering another round of tacos (because they were so delicious) I just didn't think I'd be able to fit dumplings in my stomach.  On the way out we started talking to the chef/one of the owners, Jesse, who recommended Goyza King for dumplings and Kintaro for ramen over on Robson Street in the West End area.  Luckily for my stomach but unfortunately they are closed on Mondays.  I still would have had to have at least one! Next time we'll go for dumplings after a few tacos here.

La Taqueria
322 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC Canada

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