Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy First Day of Autumn

Happy Happy Autumn Everyone!

NY is wonderful in the fall, if you manage to notice the leaves turning in the city it's remarkable. But today was a day of Indian Summer on the last official day of summer. I wonder if we'll have any more before it gets cold before the snows come.

Hopefully I'll get it together and post some pics and more about the food and wine I've been eating and drinking and thinking about.

I didn't get too far with the bitters. I guess the timing wasn't right when I made them but I have been thinking cocktails. The Negroni is still my top favorite but an oldie the Gimlet has been brought to my attention so that's rolling around the noggin right now.

I took today to so some spring/ fall cleaning. Some painting, rug cleaning, floor washing, stocking up on some much needed vitamins just a day to myself. Now I'm going to read myself to sleep.

I'm trying to catch up and store away some energy for the coming season. Looks like it's going to be a busy one! And I still need that massage I keep promising myself!

Enjoy the days, make sure to notice the little bit of nature around us! Hope to see you all soon!

Have Fun & Enjoy!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maison Kayser Boulangerie

Last week O called and insisted we meet at a new bakery, opened by a famous French pastry chef. It's a french pastry shop, on the Upper East side. So I met O to have a look--and a taste--at...Maison Kayser

Earlier today I’d received an email from Tasting Table about Maison Kayser and since they’ve already said it, I don't have to!
           "…The Upper East Side has gotten exactly what it needs: a very good bakery!"

I'd read about Maison Kayser on Eater so I was eager to visit. If my experience is any indication, this place is going to do very well. 
I took the 6 train to 77th Street, walked down 3rd Ave and I couldn't miss it. It was the only place with people milling about on the sidewalk, and there was O, faithfully standing outside, patiently waiting for me.

My first impression was resoundingly positive: all the pastries looked fresh and tempting. Okay, it's not all perfect! Not all the pastries are labeled so you have to ask what each one is if you don't recognize them. Part of the display has fake breads in it, but so what? The real breads are located further back. One great thing was the line that moved very quickly, the woman who helped us seemed to know most of what we asked and was friendly and helpful (even when we went back the second time)! During the time we were there fresh pastries came out and some breakfast items were replaced with new afternoon desserts. They weren't labeled so I'm not sure what they were.

After surveying the case we ordered a mille feuille pastry with praline filling, a chocolate chip cookie, a pistachio brioche, a plain croissant, a chocolate cream filled croissant pastry thing and the moistest muffin-like thing ever, a madeline that's more like a shallow muffin though not a muffin top ~ All for under $20!. Then staying true to our eating style (teeheehee!), we stepped outside, opened the bag and started pulling the croissant apart. It was very good, not quite Pierre Hermes from Paris but you can't go wrong here! Then a bite of the pistachio brioche which at the time was my least of the lot, but later in the day on my way home on the train.... it proved to be just what I needed and I'd go back for more. Continuing to taste, we each had a bite of this and a bite of that before heading down to Cafe Grumpy on 20th Street for some iced tea and a cappuccino.

I didn't take any photos of the food but it really wasn't necessary. If you live on the Upper East side you're going to go and check it out, if not, check it out when you're in the neighborhood…hey, maybe it’s worth a pilgrimage? The pastries look French because, well, that's what they are. They're not locavore, organic, or gluten free (though please don't quote me on that as you never know what they’ll introduce) but they are delicious and the best part is that they aren't too sweet. Hallelujah!!! And if you didn't already know it, they also have  a cafe that's destined to become a to “go-to” brunch spot! Now of course if you want amazing cream filled pastries on the Upper East side you're going to go to Lady M but they're way over on 78th just off Madison!!!!

So go get yourself some pastries!!!!

Have Fun & Enjoy!
1294 3rd Ave 74th St
New York, NY 10021
(212) 744-3100