Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soba Koh

Soba Koh is the only place to go in New York City for fresh home made buckwheat soba noodles.  Not only are they the best you can get, in the winter they get local buckwheat from upstate New York and make "special soba" (it's more special because it's winter buckwheat and it's local, so it's better for you too). Contrary to popular belief buckwheat is not only not a grain it is in no way related to wheat.  So anyone who has a wheat allergy and misses pasta, you can eat 100% buckwheat soba noodles.

Immediately to the right of the entrance is a one person window enclosed area where you can watch the master at work rolling and cutting the soba you will be eating.  It might look easy but this gentleman has the technique and I can tell you every time I've eaten here the food is fresh, tasty, satisfying and the soba is always perfect. Soba Koh is not a fancy place it is a humble place to come for a delicious meal alone or with some friends, in the winter or the summer.  It is a respite in the middle of a very busy area.  The tea they serve in the winter is a delicious roasted blend (I didn't ask exactly what it is).  They also carry a variety of bottled sake.

The name Soba Koh may give you the impression that all they make is soba but they make much more. Their tempura is light crisp and delicious.  They have a variety of appetizers from marinated Octopus to tofu made with a combination of soy and buckwheat.  The desserts are simple from vanilla and green tea ice cream to an amazing black sesame pudding that I ate so fast I forgot to take a photo.

If you get there before 7 they have a 5 course meal for, shusssssssh, $19.50 that includes tea, salad, tempura, hot or cold soba, and dessert.  When the meal is over you will feel great and want to eat here every night.

I highly recommend this place.

Soba Koh
309 East 5th Street
Between 1st & 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 254-2244

Call to make a reservation.

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