Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sourdough Pizza Update

We've recently been making pizza like crazy.  Using my uncle's sourdough starter has been the greatest inspiration as the culture is very lively and tasty not to mention that it smells wonderful.  I keep 2 parts in the fridge and one of them I'm starting to modify so it's much less sour.  I wish I was a chemistry major- hahahaha

The experimenting never stops but I've finally developed a recipe that for the moment I can live with.  For some it would be the end, and don't get me wrong, this recipe makes great dough. The pizza is amazing and we're using the best ingredients you can buy.  Cheese from Di'Paolo's in Littley Italy, fennel sausage from Faicco's on Bleecker Street and miscel.things like greens and bacon from the Union Square green market and occasionally Whole Foods.  I'm just looking for something a little different, something more like Anthony's at Una Pizza - watch the video it's so cool.

I think the problem is that I've only had the pizza I'm looking for once and I may not be able to duplicate it at home because it's impossible to get the oven to 800 or 900 degrees F not to mention it's extremely dangerous at home. The recipe I'm currently making came about when I finally sat down and read Jeff Varasanos website. He talks about the mistakes you should watch out for and gives detailed information and percentages that really helped put me in the right direction.

Right now I think I will have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit so we can head to Chris's place and get the wood fired oven warmed and ready for pizza.  If you want my recipe email me.  Just remember it for use with a starter not instant yeast.

I was in the middle of this blog when I got interrupted.  Currently I am still working on the recipe. I am determined to develop my own but I am still obsessed with a single pizza I ate last year at Una Pizza Napoletana in NYC before they closed.  As of today I have dough sitting in my refrigerator ready to go.  I will bake some on Sunday and some on Monday and I will let you know how they are. 

Yes, I know I've left you hanging on the last 3 posts but I'm trying to get back on pace so please keep checking back there's more to come.

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