Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hung Ry

The other night my friend O says "hey, Chris is having dinner at that noodle place I've been wanting to try.  Do you want to go?" Hahahaha of course I want to go! Hung Ry is located on Bond Street down the block from Il Buco (check them out when they roast a whole pig out on the street). 

Hung Ry is all about hand pulled noodles and locally grown farm fresh food.  The kitchen is open and the space looks great.  Hem stiched linens are on the table and the interior is decorated with reclaimed wood organic paint and an upstairs space for the staff.

We arrived around 6pm and the place was fairly empty.  By the time we left it was packed, tables full of people eating bowls of noodle soup.

The five of us each ordered a different soup along with a few appetizers. The food is great the noodles are amazing. Each soup tasted fresh and unique, the flavors melding wondefully together. I tasted 3 of the soups  The oxtail broth was rich and deep, The duck sweet, The goat full of flavor.  I didn't try the pork but Clancy devoured his soup never looking up from the bowl.  The squash broth was full of vegetables. The noodles so fresh with that perfect chew and tooth and so long you couldn't see the beginning or end.

For dinner the soup is a little pricey at $16+ but the portions huge.  The squid appetizer was unique & amazing.  Like nothing you've had before.  Fresh squid tossed in ice flour & fried, it's crisp served with pumpkin seed and a guajillo paste, perfectly cooked. The short ribs appetizer again perfectly cooked and full of flavor, served with what I think is a diakon foam and fresh fried shisho with a contrast of melon. 

Lunch is a huge bargain. $15 for Soup with a salad or dessert.

Hung Ry

Phone: 212 677 4864
Address: 55 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012
To contact us please email

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